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8 Alarms Struck at Crosby Street Fire in Lawrence

By DYLAN CONWAY, Correspondent | April 15, 2022 | MASSACHUSETTS

Story No. 042722104

LAWRENCE, MA - On April 15th, Lawrence Fire Alarm received a single telephone alarm for a fire in the building at 28 Crosby Street. The reported address is less than a block away from the quarters of Ladder 4.

The initial assignment dispatched Engines 6, 8 and 9, with Ladder 4, Squad 1 and Car 21. Upon arrival of Ladder Co. 4, they reported heavy fire on floor 3. Car 21 arrived with Deputy McInnis minutes later and a second alarm was struck for a three-story wood-frame with heavy fire on the third floor extending to two exposures. This brought all remaining LFD companies to the scene (Engine 7 and Ladder 5), and also brought mutual aid into the city to work and cover.

A third and then fourth alarm were transmitted shortly after. Following the fourth-alarm, Deputy McInnis to 981 (Lawrence Fire Alarm) reported (3) three-story wood-frames, and (1) two-story wood-frame. Additionally, there were numerous spot fires starting in the area and the fifth-alarm was transmitted.

As mutual companies were still rolling into the city, command reported fire extending to a fifth building. Car 21 requested additional engines and ladders, strategically placing companies to protect exposures in the tight neighborhood, ultimately stopping the rapid spread of fire. The total amount of mutual aid brought to the scene classified the fire as an eighth-alarm.

Aerial masters streams were used on Lawrence Ladder 4, Lawrence Ladder 5, the Salem Tower, and the Lowell Tower (Ladder 3). Multiple deck guns were also used, including those on Lawrence Engine 9 and a Methuen engine. Blitz guns and an assortment of hand lines were also in operation. Companies worked to contain the fire and overhaul the buildings into the early morning hours of April 16th.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.