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Frackville Fire Damages Three Homes

By JC KRIESHER, Senior Correspondent | April 06, 2021 | PENNSYLVANIA

Story No. 041821105

FRACKVILLE, PA – Around 2:45 P.M. on Tuesday, April 6th, fire sirens wailed around Frackville as crews responded to a house fire on South Broad Mountain Avenue.

The first-alarm was sent to the 300 block of South Broad Mountain for multiple calls reporting a house fire. The initial response included Fire Districts 43 (Frackville), 4 (Englewood), 36 (Altamont), and 48 (Citizens–Mahanoy City). With a column visible and the multiple calls for a fire, Chief 43 requested RIT from Mahanoy City be sent with a working fire page.

Ladder 43-20 arrived to find a working fire in a two-and-a-half story duplex. The ladder took the address while Engine 43-10 followed, securing a water supply. Engine 4-19 nosed in to 43-20 while Engine 36-17 and Tower 48-20 were sent to the rear.

Crews found heavy fire consuming the rear of both houses. Many lines were stretched to both the front and the back as other crews laddered the building.

Thick black smoke could be seen from the rear while brown smoke was pushing from the first and second floors in the front. Siding was melting on the 'C' side exposure as crews stretched toward the fire. Command requested Engine 64-10 and Tiller 64-25 to the scene from Shenandoah.

Firefighters were able to make good progress on the flames as Tower 48-20 climbed to the roof and opened up a vent hole.

The fire was mostly under control within 30 minutes, with crews working to open up and find hot spots for another hour. The American Red Cross was requested to the scene to assist those displaced.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.