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Albany Fire Chief Discovers Working House Fire on Euclid Ave.

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March 10, 2023 | NEW YORK JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER, Senior Correspondent
This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

ALBANY, NY - On March 10th at 4:44 P.M., the battalion 2 chief from the City of Albany Fire Department notified the dispatcher to transmit the box alarm for 80 Euclid Ave., as he had a heavy smoke condition pushing from the residence. Engines 10, 11, 7 and 4, along with Trucks 3 and 4, the rescue squad,and the battalion chief, were dispatched to the scene.

On scene, the battalion chief notified the dispatcher that he had a working basement fire and needed Engine 10 to grab the hydrant at the end of the street. He then transmitted the Signal 30 and dedicated the frequency. The first arriving engine immediately grabbed the hydrant at the end of the street while Truck 3 pulled down the roadway past the engine company and crews made their way to the front door. The battalion chief notified dispatch and all incoming units that everyone was out of the house and accounted for. The next arriving engine company came up the street from the other side and firefighters made their way to the front door as additional firefighters were pulling a hand line to the rear and front of the building.

Firefighters made their way inside the structure to the basement and notified crews outside the building to begin horizontal ventilation of the windows. Firefighters called for the hand line to be charged in the basement. Fire began to vent from the basement windows on the 'Bravo' side of the building and crews inside the structure notified command to have additional firefighters begin checking the first floor for extension. Firefighters on the next arriving engine quickly made their way to the front line and began setting up the FAST team equipment. Firefighters in the basement called for the red cross lay to be charged and water quickly began to fill the hand line.

Firefighters inside the structure notified command that the primary search of the building was negative while firefighters in the basement quickly began to knock down the heavy fire condition. Firefighters on the first floor began checking for extension in the 'Bravo' and 'Charlie' side of the building. Firefighters had another hand line charged and began knocking down the fire that had extended into the first floor. Firefighters in the basement notified command that the fire had been knocked down and that they were going to begin overhaul. Command notified the dispatcher that the fire was completely knocked down in under 15 minutes. Firefighters remained on scene for an extended period of time conducting extensive overhaul of the badly damaged home.

No injuries were reported, and the fire is under investigation at this time.

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