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BCES Updates Fleet with New Ladder Truck

By STEVE ROSE, Correspondent | March 15, 2021 | GEORGIA

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Winder, GA- Barrow County Emergency Services (BCES) has recently purchased a new 100’ Ladder Truck. Equipped with a rear mounted aerial ladder, the truck is used to access multi-story buildings for rescue or direct elevated streams of water into fires for fire attack.

The new Ladder Truck will go into service as Truck 7, and will replace the ladder truck currently stationed at Station 7 on Carl-Bethlehem Road. The current Truck 7 is 13 years old and until now, has been the only ladder truck in the BCES arsenal. In addition to the 100’ aerial ladder, the new Truck 7 will carry 500 gallons of water and all of the tools and accessories needed to mitigate fire emergencies. Its primary mission is fire attack, ventilation, and Search & Rescue. The truck has seating for four firefighters. The new aerial ladder is aluminum, which makes it lighter than the steel ladder on the old Truck 7, helping reduce the overall weight of the truck. It is also built on a single axle chassis, making it lighter and more maneuverable than the old double axle truck it replaces.

Quint 5 was recently put into service at Station 5 in the northeast corner of the county, which means BCES now has two aerial apparatus serving both ends of the county which can help decrease response time and increase effectiveness by getting elevated water streams on big fires faster.

The new Truck 7 was built by E-One based in Ocala, Florida, and has an approximate service life of 10 years. All of the front line engines and trucks in the BCES arsenal are now E-One apparatus which streamlines maintenance and operations. FireLine Inc., based in Barrow County, is an authorized representative of E-One, meaning much of the service and maintenance can be done close to home.

“This new ladder truck will enhance the level of service we provide to citizens and businesses across the county. Additionally we hope it will help us improve upon our ISO rating. I’d like to thank the citizens of Barrow County and the Board of Commissioners for approving this expenditure,” said BCES Chief Alan Shuman.

Truck 7 was placed into service earlier this week following a traditional Push-In ceremony.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.