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Troy Police Department Locates And Takes Into Custody Early Morning Shots Fired Suspect

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

In the early morning hours of March 10, 2024, the Rensselaer County Emergency Communication Center began to receive calls for shots fired in the area of Old Sixth Avenue and Corporal William Dickinson Place. Upon arrival officers from the Troy Police Department began to search the area and discovered shell casings on the ground confirming the shots fired incident. Police quickly secured the area and requested evidence technicians and detectives to the scene. For a significant portion of the morning police remained on scene of the shots fired incident while the detective bureau reviewed evidence on scene. Detectives on scene were able to put together information that a dispute between a male and a female known to each other had occurred in the street. Through further investigation the female reported to have fired several shots from a handgun at the male. The male involved in the incident fled from the scene and is believed to not have been struck by any of the gunfire.

They detective bureau worked with members of the community in that area and were quickly able to identify a residence nearby where the female suspect fled to following the shots fired incident. Troy Police established a full perimeter around the home located at 2257 Old Sixth Avenue. Troy Police utilized the Capital Region Crime Analysis Center and pursued a search warrant through the courts which was granted for the home at 2257 Old Sixth Avenue. Not wasting any time members of the City of Troy’s and Colonies elite Emergency Response Team and Special Services Team gathered their equipment and made their way to the location. Utilizing the Colonie Police Department's Bearcat members of both special operation teams quickly surrounded the house and began to conduct a call out of the suspect. Over the loudspeaker Troy Police stated multiple times “Krista Leverette of 2257 Old 6th Avenue we have a search warrant for your residence please come out with your hands up”. While this was going on additional members of the Emergency Response Team took up rear positions and positions on the side of the home.

The suspect came to the front window and opened it and yelled to Police that she is getting dressed and hold on and shut the window and locked it. The suspect then proceeded forward to coming outside and peacefully surrendering herself to members of the Special Services Team and Emergency Response Team. Police quickly took the individual in custody without any incident. Her dog was also safely secured. After a few moments Troy Police utilized a drone and made its way into the open doorway and police were able to check the inside of the home. Members of the Troy Emergency Response Team also utilized a robot that made entry to the structure to provide additional search before tactical teams made entry. After utilizing both robotic devices, members of the Special Services Team and Emergency Response Team stacked up and entered the structure clearing the residence.

After a short period of time, the tactical teams made their way outside the residence and began to break down the battering ram off of the bearcat. Evidence technicians made their way inside of the home along with detectives. During the search warrant execution detectives located a handgun in relation to the shots fired incident in the early morning hours. The defendant that is presumed innocent until proven guilty Krista M. Leverette age 34 was charged with attempted murder in the second-degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. Leverette is currently being held by Troy Police for arraignment in Troy city Court for tomorrow morning. Assistant Police Chief of the Troy Police Department Steven Barker makes it very clear with his statement to the public “This collaborative investigation and subsequent arrest is another demonstrative example that our community will not tolerate illegal gun violence. Illegal gun violence will not be normalized in Troy. Criminal acts will not be tolerated by the residents of Troy and through the continued partnerships amongst our law enforcement organizations & community members we will hold those accountable who willingly participate in dangerous criminal conduct.” Troy Police also indicated that the incident is still going to have an ongoing investigation into what caused the shots fired incident and if any residents have information, they are urged to contact 518-270-4421 and speak to the detective bureau. The information that you provide will remain anonymous. 

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