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Fast Response by Brunswick Firefighters Stops Fire from Spreading to Home

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

BRUNSWICK, NY - On February 9th at 8:17 P.M., the Brunswick No.1 Fire Co., Speigletown FD, Center Brunswick Fire Co., Mountain View FD for the FAST, and Mohawk Ambulance Service were dispatched to 24 Duncan Lane in the Town of Brunswick for a reported fully involved vehicle fire endangering a structure.

Brunswick No.1 car 3 arrived on scene and had a fully involved truck on fire with the side of the house starting to melt away. Brunswick No.1 car 2 notified the dispatcher that the house was beginning to catch fire. Command checked the house and made sure everyone was out of the structure. Engine 4-2 arrived on scene followed by truck 4 within minutes of each other.

Firefighters, not wasting any time, deployed multiple hand lines. Multiple chiefs arrived on scene and began to assist firefighters in deploying the hand lines and Brunswick No.1 car 1 established command. Firefighters quickly cooled down the siding on the home and knocked down a significant amount of the heavy fire condition within minutes of arrival with a hand line. Mutual aid departments began to arrive on scene and established a water supply. Firefighters switched to using a TKO Nozzle with F-500 encapsulating agent to bring the significant fuel fire under control, as the gas tank had ruptured and over 15-gallons of fuel had begun to pour out. Firefighters began to attempt to make a knock down on the fuel tank on fire underneath the vehicle, but the bed of the truck did not allow for easy access.

Firefighters conducted a primary search of the house and only discovered that they had smoke from the truck fire inside of the home and notified command that there was no fire extension inside the home. As firefighters attempted to fill the fuel tank with the F-500 encapsulating agent from the nozzle, fuel poured out of the top of the gas tank on fire and ran across the ground, going back towards the house, and firefighters quickly turned their attention to the fire and encapsulated the fuel neutralizing the hazard. Firefighters utilized a spreader tool to gain access to the fuel tank and knock down all of the remaining fuel fire with a dry chemical fire extinguisher and the encapsulating agent. Firefighters on scene continued cooling the truck down for an extended period of time with water only to make sure that all of the remaining hot spots were out.

Fire investigators arrived on scene and began to conduct their investigation into the fire. Firefighters began to clean up the scene and get ready to go back into service. During the investigation, lithium batteries were discovered inside of the vehicle, but did not go back into thermal runaway due to the encapsulating agent. The house suffered damage to one window and the siding of the home. Firefighters utilized a fan to remove the smoke from the structure.

Due to the aggressive efforts from the first due engine company, there was no extension inside of the structure. Fire investigators were unable to determine the clause of the fire. No injuries were reported and firefighters went back into service later in the evening.

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