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Car Smashes Into Brockton House

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

BROCKTON, MA - Around 10:10 P.M. on the evening of Tuesday, February 20th, the Brockton Fire Department transmitted Box-5536 for a car into a house at 901 Crescent Street. Engine-4, Squad-A, Ladder-4, the Rescue, Car-56, Medic-1, CA-6 and FS-7 responded. 

Engine-4 arrived to find a car that struck a two-story wood-framed dwelling with heavy damage to the house. Engine-4 reported they had one victim that would need EMS and requested the gas company to the scene due to a gas meter that was struck by debris. Car-56 arrived and requested the building department to the scene. It appeared that the vehicle had gone off the road, striking a cement curb and fence before going airborne and then striking the house, as there were no tire marks, or evidence of travel on the front lawn of the property.

The lone occupant of the vehicle and the occupant of the house were both evaluated by EMS, and one was transported. Companies checked the house for gas, and had negative readings. The gas company and building department both responded to the scene. Plymouth County Sheriff's Department BCI Unit also responded to photograph the scene.

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