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NVFC Announces New Learning Opportunity for Fire Service Leaders

Fire and emergency service leaders have many responsibilities, from recruiting and managing personnel, to budgeting and administration, to community relations, to setting the culture and ethical tone for the department, and much more. Whether new or established, leaders are constantly needing to learn and grow in their roles. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released a new Leadership training track in the Virtual Classroom, designed specifically for fire and EMS department leaders, including chiefs and officers.

This specialized program consists of 10 meticulously crafted courses instructed by prominent subject matter experts. Each course will equip emergency service leaders with the essential skills, knowledge, tools, and mindset required to strengthen their leadership abilities and effectiveness. The Leadership Track takes an estimated 10 hours to complete from start to finish. Progress is saved each time a student logs out, ensuring students are able to complete the track at their own pace. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for each completed course as well as a final certificate indicating completion of the full track.

The Leadership Track includes the following courses:

·       Finding the Leader Within

·       Volunteer Fire Service Culture: Essential Strategies for Success - The Role of Leadership

·       Leadership for the Fire and Emergency Services

·       Fire Chief’s 10 Commandments

·       Fire Department Budgeting

·       Fire Service Ethics

·       Social Fitness: Skills to Improve Community Relations for the Volunteer Firefighter

·       The Leader's Guide to Overcoming R&R Challenges

·       Bridging the Divide: A Diversity & Inclusion Training

·       Creating a Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

The Leadership Track is available free to all fire and emergency services personnel through February 29. After this initial period, the track will be available to non-NVFC members for $21. Virtual Classroom training is always free to NVFC members; join for $21 at to access all the benefits of membership.

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