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Wanted Man Starts Pursuit in Coeymans, Steals Another Truck

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

A wanted suspect out of Coeymans led police on several high speed pursuits through three police jurisdictions and stole a vehicle from a tow yard Christmas morning.

Police were called to a home in Coeymans Hollow for a report of a male making threats to the homeowner about damaging a vehicle just before 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 25.

The individual, reported to be wanted out of the Town of Coeymans and possibly armed with a knife, fled the scene in a UHaul pickup truck prior to the arrival of police.

Dispatch advised police that the driver had active warrants for criminal possession in the 3rd degree and drug paraphernalia in the 2nd degree, as well as having a suspended license.

Police spotted the vehicle in Ravena and attempted to perform a traffic stop when the driver refused to pull over and started a pursuit through the Village of Ravena down Main Street from Route 9W.

The driver was fleeing from police at 40 mph down Main Street through the Village of Ravena.

He turned onto Westerlo Street and then onto Civill Avenue in Coeymans where deputies performed a felony high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle.

Deputies stated over the radio that he was attempting to pick up a female where the vehicle stopped and they had the driver at gunpoint.

They then radioed dispatch stating the male had taken off from the traffic stop in the vehicle and was now racing northbound on Route 144 in Coeymans.

Speeds were reported to be upwards of 90 mph when deputies advised dispatch to notify Bethlehem Police to send units along Route 144.

While in the Town of Bethlehem lines, Sheriff’s Deputies terminated the pursuit as they were losing sight of the vehicle.

Bethlehem Police began to search for the vehicle when an officer spotted the UHaul crashed into the fence of Roberts Towing, located at 722 South Pearl St.

The officer radioed dispatch stating the driver was observed climbing over the fence to get into the tow yard.

Officers had visual on the suspect running inside of the yard to the other side of one of the buildings.

Police then stated he was getting into a maroon Chevy Silverado inside the tow yard and then frantically radioed dispatch after he reportedly drove the truck through the front gate and sped northbound down South Pearl Street in the now-stolen pickup truck from the tow yard.

Bethlehem Police cautiously began to follow the driver, now engaging another pursuit, when officers lost sight of the vehicle in Albany.

Albany Police and New York State Police were notified as it was unclear if the vehicle continued down South Pearl Street or turned onto Interstate 787.

Officers located the vehicle, unoccupied, in the rear of the Salvation Army tucked behind the building located at 20 South Ferry St in Albany, just off of Interstate 787.

A mirror from the truck was broken off in the road back at the front gate of Roberts Towing.

The vehicle found at the Salvation Army was missing a side mirror and the plate came back registered to one of the owners of Roberts Towing.

The owner of this vehicle heard of the incident and contacted OnStar to turn off power to the vehicle.

It is unknown at this time if the suspect has been apprehended or if he is/was considered armed and dangerous or a threat to the public, as Albany County Sheriff’s Office has not returned numerous emails and phone calls requesting information on this incident.

The suspect was seen wearing a black hoodie, black facemask and white sunglasses at the time of the incident on Christmas morning.

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