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"Requiem to the Lost Firefighters of New York"

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September 09, 2021 | NEW YORK ED LEE, EX-CHIEF MATAWAN BOROUGH FD, Correspondent

September 11th 2001, a beautiful morning full of bright sun.

By 9 a.m. the world turned dark, evil arrived and hit its mark.

The towers were a symbol they could not accept, the hatred and contempt in secret was kept.

Without hesitation they answered the call, no second thought not even a stall.

The 343 rose from the ranks, not looking for glory or even a thanks.

The job was there, task was at hand, the fires were fueled like a wind-driven fan.

Up and above they went to where the people were, no questions asked, just a simple yes sir.

The towers fell and all was lost, 2,958 souls were the cost.

They gave their lives to the job they loved, now 20 years later they pull their watch from above.

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