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Birthday Parade for Longtime Coeymans Hollow Resident

By THOMAS MARRA , Correspondent | April 26, 2020 | NEW YORK

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A birthday parade was held on Route 143 in Coeymans Hollow on Sunday, April 26, for a longtime resident of Coeymans Hollow.

Bob Whitbeck turned 90 on April 26 and received a birthday parade from members of the community.

He was a longtime member of the Coeymans Hollow Fire Department.

Michelle Kapusta of the Coeymans Hollow Fire Department says he trained her father on the pumper many years ago.

The parade was led off by the Coeymans Police Department, an Army truck, the fleet from Coeymans Hollow Fire, and then followed by family and friends.

The idea from the parade was brought to Kapusta by family and friends of Whitbeck.

They say he was a truck driver for a living and has never received a single ticket or accident in his entire career as a truck driver.

They also say he is a longtime member of the Trinity United Methodist Church.

Members of the church also participated in the parade.

They say Whitbeck was also a guitar player in a band at one time.

Whitbeck happily watched as the parade went by with signs from family and friends wishing him a Happy Birthday.

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