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Valley Central High School DWI Drill

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May 03, 2022 | NEW YORK BOB MCCORMICK, Correspondent
This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.

The senior class was asked to come out into the front and sit on the bleachers at Valley Central High School this afternoon around noontime May third. Outside under tarps were two vehicles that were placed there for the DWI-DRILL.Anthony Trapini long time firefighter and past Deputy Coordinator was the Master of Ceremonies. He explained the occupants of the vehicles had stopped for a couple of drinks and struck another vehicle causing injury and death. The accident was reported to 911 with in minutes sirens were heard and fire engines-police cars and ambulances arrived at the scene. Anthony pointed out that the driver didn't think she had that much so she could drive. One person in her vehicle had come thru the windshield and laid lifeless-firefighters Scrambled around the body and helped the people still inside the vehicles. Ambulance personel waited untill the subjects were extricated from the vehicle. Meanwhile the driver that caused the collision was with the Montgomery Police Officer who was giving her a field sobriety test. Both drivers were extricated and the ambulance personel placed them on backboards and loaded them into the ambulance. The driver was led away in handcuffs. Medical Examiner's office was called for the fatality and a hearse arrived. with the help of the firefighters the female was placed into a body bag and led infront of the seniors to the hearse. Anthony stressed that it's not worth Drinking and Driving. The females family will get notified and her body will be at the Medical Examiner's Office-Departments that took part in the Drill:Coldenham-Maybrook-Montgomery-Walden-Maybrook-Montgomery EMS Montgomery PD-36-12.

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BOB MCCORMICKCorrespondent

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