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Letter from the Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition

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April 17, 2017 | NATIONAL Paul Eichler, Correspondent

The Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition is pleased to offer congratulations to the following organizations for their receipt of funds from the Strong Neighborhoods Housing Fund: Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware, the Wilmington Housing Partnership, New Castle County Habitat for Humanity, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, Sussex County Habitat for Humanity, NCALL (the National Council on Agricultural Life and Labor), Milford Housing Development Corporation, Laurel Redevelopment Corporation and the Inter-Neighborhood Foundation.

These organizations have received just under $5 million dollars to support their efforts to build new homes for deserving Delaware families. The Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition would like to suggest that residential fire sprinklers be included in all the new construction and rehabilitation work that these organizations will be taking on. Sprinklers have been proven time and time again to save lives by controlling fires, and protecting valuable property from the devastation of fires. The clients that these organizations serve deserve the protection that sprinklers provide, and should never be subjected to the destructive effects of fire.

Residential fire sprinkler requirements have been included in the building codes since 2009. Individual municipalities throughout Delaware have passed exception legislation removing the sprinkler requirement through the years. Unfortunately, we have also seen fire fatalities, damages exceeding millions of dollars and fire fighter injuries continue through the years where the inclusion of sprinklers in single family dwellings would have made a tremendous and positive difference.

Congratulations again to the above listed organizations. If your family will benefit from their support with a new house, make sure that house is built with fire sprinklers. Don’t settle for anything less than the best available protection for yourself, your family and your hard earned possessions.

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Paul EichlerCorrespondent

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