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By DAVID BUTCHER, Correspondent | April 17, 2021 | PENNSYLVANIA

Story No. 041721102

Location: 95 West County Road Sugarloaf, PA 18249. Luzerne County Fire Station Number 177.

The Sugarloaf Fire Company was established in January 1946 after a group of concerned citizens got together and formed the company. At the time the company purchased one engine and responded out of the City Municipal building. The Companies siren was originally on the Farmers Exchange building, which is now the Valley Lanes Building. For many years they had to purchase equipment based on the size of the building that they were responding out of.

That changed in the early 2000’s when a fire company member bought a farm and offered the company land to build the new station on. Finally the Company could buy a rig that was what they needed not what would fit in the barn.

Today the Company responds out of a six bay almost 12 thousand square foot facility. Out of the facility Sugarloaf Fire Company operates 2 Engine Companies, a Heavy Rescue Unit, a Squad, Water tender, and two ambulances.

Engine 12 (also known as Engine 2) is a 1996 Spartan/Smeal top mount engine and is their first due engine. Engine 12 has a 2000 GPM Pump and a 1000 Gallon Tank. The rig has 1500 feet of 5-inch hose.

Engine 13 is a 1988 Spartan/FMC with a 1500 GPM Top Mount Pump and a 1000 Gallon Tank. Engine 13 is the second due Engine and like Engine 12 has 1500 Feet of 5-inch hose. Engine 13 is the oldest in service rig the department has.

The department’s Heavy Rescue is Rescue 177 and is the newest rig in the Department. It is a 2017 KME Heavy Rescue and has seating for 8. Rescue 177 responds to all accidents in their district on the interstate.

Squad 177 is a 2008 Ford F550 Double Cab with seating for 4 or 5. It responds on all minor Auto Accidents, Medical Assist Calls, Brush Fires, and has a skid unit with a 300-gallon water tank.

Tanker 177 is a 2008 Sterling/Midwest 3000-gallon tanker with a 500 GPM pump and a 200-foot speed-lay
The Company also operates two ambulances out of the station. The fire company merged with Valley Ambulance in 2008 as a cost-effective solution. At this time the Fire Company operates Paid EMS Units Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. They are currently hiring for more EMS Personnel and are looking at adding more shifts in the future.

One interesting note about Sugarloaf Fire Company is that they are the only fire company in the area besides Harwood Fire Company that does not have a ladder truck.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.