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What Easter Means to me

I was 9 years old in 1974. and it was a typical Coughlin Family Easter in Dunellen. went to Our Lady of Fatima for Church followed by one of our traditions my parents did with us was a Easter egg hunt where the plastic eggs contained Money and i was lucky enough to get 2 or 3 dollars in change. My sisters normally saved their money but i never did, i hopped on my bike and Went to the Krausers on Washington ave in Piscataway to buy Junk food and in 1974 2 or 3 dollars bought alot! I bought a few candy bars and Something called "A yard of Popcorn" (it was Literally 3 ft of Popcorn) on my way home i was crossing Washington Ave and due to the Popcorn and other stuff i never saw the car coming that hit me. they told me it was a El camino and it was my fault not the drivers. As a adult and Father now i hope i never have to experience the feeling the Driver of the Elcamino had of Hitting a 9 year old. when i woke up in Mulenburg Hospital in Plainfield ,where i was born 9 years earlier, I was Scared and wondered What happened! i was Ok but after a Cat scan and Further testing i had a major Concussion and suffered a 30% hearing loss in my right ear. so in 1974 My Mom my Dad and my 3 sisters Celebrated Easter 1974 in Plainfield NJ at Mulenburg Hospital Followed by the Driver of the Elcamino who came, i forget his Name But he was very hurt by the experience and when i recovered he bought me a new bike. I was Spared on that day and this year i will have my 40th Easter. During those 40 years i had the chance of life, i played Little League in Dunellen, Played Basketball in jr high, Played 4 Years of Football n track as a Destroyer. i 10 Years in Isshinryu. even though im divorced i had the Chance of Marriage and raised 2 Beautiful Daughters, Brittany a Shannon. I managed to put in 29 years in the HVAC Trade and came full circle When i earned my EMT With Middlesex Rescue Squad and Became a Volunteer Firefighter With Green Brook Fire Dept And Middlesex Fire Dept Parker 4. i ended up Being a Volunteer just like the ones from Arbor Rescue Squad who helped me back then. Every Year i Participate in the Following Charitys.The Firefighter Bike Race to Support St. Barnabas Burn Center, St, Baldricks to support Children with Cancer. Tunnel To Towers 5k in NYC to Support the Steven Stiller Foundation Easter means a 2nd Chance, A new Beginning and for 40 years ive done just that. ive never been Great at all that ive done in my life but its been Great having 40 years of the chance i may have never have had. Happy Easter and Enjoy Everyday as a gift that it truly is.

William Coughlin
Volunteer FireFighter /EMT
Green Brook Fire EMS

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