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January 01, 2024 | NATIONAL Dee Dee DiMino, Correspondent

Laughing can stimulate our heart, lungs, muscles and circulation. Notice how you feel after you have had a good laugh—you might notice that your muscles are less tense, and your body is more relaxed.

Laughing is one of my favorite topics! Laughing boosts your immune system and increases infection-fighting antibodies—helping you to protect yourself from disease.

Laughing also helps in stimulating the brain with serotonin and releasing endorphins, which are our feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote a beautiful feeling of well-being and decreases stress hormones and anxiety. 

Laughing keeps you feeling happy and can even improve self-esteem. We connect with other people when we laugh together. A good laugh fires up then cools down your stress response and increases and decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. This equates to a good, relaxed feeling. Did you know that laughing can also help with pain by producing its own natural pain killers? Isn’t that something?

So, what can you do to make yourself laugh? Find that special friend or watch a sitcom that makes you laugh—and just laugh. Give yourself a dose of this free medicine. Laugh!! Find something to laugh about every day. Give it a good, old, belly laugh!! 

If a sitcom makes me laugh, even once, I will watch it again. For example: Mike and Molly; The Golden Girls; King of Queens; to name a few, really, really make me laugh! An old episode of The Carol Burnett Show (Mrs. Wiggins) will do the job, too! Sebastian Maniscalco is my favorite comedian—he will make you laugh ‘til you cry! These are just a few of my favorites. Find what makes you laugh; watch it and laugh! You will be boosting your immune system…another simple step to further increase your wellness. 

Again, notice how you feel after a good laugh. This is the natural high of the “natural medicine” with which you are dosing yourself! Enjoy it!!  


2024 New Year’s Resolution: #1 Laugh—Everyday! 

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Dee Dee DiMinoCorrespondent

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