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Two Fitness Rules for The New Year: “BEGIN & CONTINUE”

With the New Year arriving, once again clients are reaching out seeking the latest “Fitness Secret” to help them make their New Year’s Resolution a reality. Although methods and activities are always numerous, I have found that my most successful exercisers are those who have followed my two most basic rules: BEGIN & CONTINUE!

Although maintaining a fitness routine is often not easy, there is no reason why it can’t be simple. No matter what you choose to do, or how you choose to do it, the key to success is to get started and keep going. Sounds simple enough, yet staying on track can be challenging nonetheless. Here are a few things to consider when seeking success.

JUST GET GOING! Take the first step now, no matter how small. Instead of bogging yourself down with elaborate plans or a huge undertaking, commit to move everyday even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes. I’m not suggesting you throw planning out the window. Planning your workouts is a key component, but don’t let it overwhelm you to the point of delaying your onset. Start small and grow your plan along the way. With your physician’s approval there’s no time like the present to get rolling. You can gradually add time and exercises more specific to your overall plan. Your program will be more manageable physically and mentally and your likelihood of continuing will be enhanced.

OBSERVE ALL SAFETY GUIDELINES. Yes we need to work toward our goals, but crossing the line regarding safe activities and intensity levels will have us quickly on the sidelines. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to continue while injured. Be smart!

BE REALISTIC about the activities you choose. Select activities that are within your physical capabilities and remember to also consider accessibility. Avoid building your program around equipment or facilities that are not readily available to you. Choosing activities that are beyond your physical capabilities or not readily accessible to you will surely sabotage your efforts.

ENJOY YOURSELF! If you hate running, please choose something else. There are a multitude of activities to choose from when seeking to accomplish your cardiovascular workouts. No need to torture yourself. Weight Training not your thing? Body weight exercises (calisthenics), dynamic resistance (tubing), medicine ball training and various other innovative methods can prove to be just as effective. If you despise the method you choose, even if you begin your training, your odds of continuing will be severely diminished.

AVOID BOREDOM. You can avoid boredom in several ways. As previously mentioned, choose activities you enjoy. Vary your activities to keep your workouts fresh. Incorporate music to keep things grooving. Find a Buddy and pair up for workouts or find an exercise class you love. Monotony kills many fitness programs. Don’t let it thwart your efforts to continue.

The time is now. Get going and keep going. Once you have your physician’s approval…BEGIN & CONTINUE!


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