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New Year…What Else is New?

Happy New Year to All. The Ideal time to try something new has arrived. We have been stating all along, “Change is Good”. Sooooooo, what will be your something new? If you haven’t been exercising, The New Year is a great time to start - and make that your something New. If you have been exercising, time to change it up a bit. Here are just some of the many ways you can switch things up to make your workouts more interesting, more effective and therefore more long lasting.

Location, Location, Location. Where are you training - At the Gym? Why not change it up a bit with some in home workouts? For those of you in colder climates, you may be more inclined to train if you don’t have to venture to the Gym for all of your workouts. There are so many options that require little or no equipment and/or space. Even doing a portion of your workouts at home can be a great way to change things up. Conversely if you are primarily training at home, the New Year is a Great time to switch it up with an occasional gym session and/or class.

What’s your pleasure? As always, changing your cardio venue is another way to vary your workouts. Have you been logging all your miles in on the treadmill? Well, hop on the bike, stair climber, or elliptical. Whatever you have been doing, try something new. You equipment junkies - try a zero equipment cardio session with kickboxing, aerobic dance, walking/jogging etc. Of course if you are already on that track, throw in equipment based sessions when you can. You can go it alone or for still another change – join a cardio class, or find a partner.

Resistance – Free or Machines? Trade your Free Weights for machines or vice versa. If that is not an option, at the very least, change the exercises you do for each muscle group. You can always go back to your old standbys in the future. Taking a break from them will make them “newbies” again after a brief hiatus. Eventually your something old will be something new! Absence makes the Heart grow fonder!

I think you will be surprised at the difference even the tiniest of changes can make. The clothes that you wear, the equipment you use, the place that you train, or who you train with are all great places to start. Change how often you train, vary your intensity or fluctuate the duration of your workouts. Trade circuits for straight sets or vice versa. Change one; change a few or change ‘em all.

Whatever you Choose, remember to receive clearance from your Physician. The Start of the New Year is the perfect time to revisit her/him as well.

Stay Safe - Happy New Year – Happy New You!

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LORI HODGKINSONSenior Correspondent

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