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Little things make big changes

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December 01, 2020 | NATIONAL Didymus McHugh, Correspondent

These are interesting times that we are in. Many times people do not realize how something small will have a major impact on our lives and society.

A major fire may start because of just one spark.

A drop of water on a rock means nothing but if we continually drop water on the same spot of the rock, we will form a hole or possibly split the boulder in two just by using a little water. Something small can have great impact.

If we catch a medical challenge early enough, we can remove the impact. What would happen if we were able to remove cancerous cells early enough? Or heart disease, diabetes, or other diseases early enough?

We may have a small accident that may impact our lives forever. We have recently been introduced to how something as small as a germ can effect the entire world.

We may take that germ for granted but how much of an effect has that had on our lives. Many people have been thrust into becoming more technologically dependent. How many of us have been forced into isolation? It may feel like we were given a prison sentence, especially for those who lived by themselves before the start of this. How many meetings, these days, are now by looking at a computer? People now visit people by viewing them as if they were watching a television program. People are seeing people that they know through closed windows and birthdays are being celebrated by cars driving by and honking their horns.

People say this is the new normal. Many times after a critical incident, we hear some people say that we need to get accustomed to the new normal. I would say that "normal" is fluid. Life is not stagnant. We do not wear the same size clothes all our life. We do not have the same type of transportation as we did. Do to advances in technology and medicine, the way that we do our job has changed. Firefighters have different advantages and just look at the advances that EMT's, paramedics and the medical field have. Life is ever changing and we need to realize and change with it but also to hold onto the things that are just, right and true.

Over two thousand years ago the world was changed. A little baby was born. He was born in a manger. So many people knew about the prophecy of His life. Granted many people questioned the miracles that He did and also if He truly was the Son of God. How many people have seen miracles done in His name? How many people had their physical and/or spiritual lives saved because of this baby?

There are many people who call to Him in times of trials. During an illness, after a death, or during a disaster, we may call out to Jesus or God for strength and understanding. This little baby is where so many people draw strength from. The Lord came to us in a way that was not intimating to people. Can you imagine how the people would have reacted if He came down from Heaven on a cloud? People would probably have passed out. They would have been overcome with His presence.

Let us not just dismiss something that is small and, to us, unimportant. It may not be what it is right now but the potential, the unwrapped gift that it truly may be.

Stay safe,

Didymus McHugh

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Didymus McHughCorrespondent

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