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"Make a Motion To Move"

As a member of the Fire Service, chances are you have attended your share of meetings. I myself have attended a number of them and other than the verbal “motions” there is usually very little movement going on. It’s just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately most meetings include a lot of sitting and often a lot of eating. Now, eating is not necessarily a negative – but often times the menu consists of very few healthy options, if any.

We are all smart enough to know that lots of sitting and lots of poor food choices can send us onto a path of unhealthy living. So at your next meeting, why not make a motion to move? Here are a few simple suggestions, but I bet you can come up with many more that suit the needs and personalities of your membership.

You can precede the meeting with a Group Fitness Session. It can be as simple as a 15 minute walk or weight training session. If the meeting is a small group, it’s even possible to conduct the meeting on the move. 2-4 individuals can successfully walk and talk and accomplish a great deal.

Another suggestion is to simply recommend that your department establish and implement a Physical Fitness Program. If you already have a program, your next meeting is a great place to get feedback from officers and members on ways to improve or vary your existing program.

Additionally; it’s possible to actually add a bit of movement to the meeting itself. You can begin (and even end) each meeting with 5 minutes of simple movements and stretches to combat all that sitting and possibly even stir some interest in Health and Fitness. You can ask a local Fitness Professional to come in and lead the movements to get you started. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s beneficial.

Another way to combat all that sitting is to have meeting materials placed at different stations around the room and have members gather them on their own instead of having someone hand them out. Most people have no problem getting up and standing in the buffet line and moving along as they load their plate. Why not institute the same concept for your meeting materials? Of course, you must always make provisions for those who may not be capable, but for the most part the majority of your membership can certainly be on the move.

The same goes for chair set up. Yes, it’s wonderful to walk into a meeting hall and only have to make your way to a chair that has already been set up for you. Perhaps, each member could be responsible for their own chair set-up and clean-up. Hey, it’s a thought. Be sure to observe all safety precautions.

Lastly, eliminate or minimize those poor food choices from your meeting menu. At the very least make an effort to add a few healthy and tasty options so members have the ability to make better personal choices when it comes to food.

There are many ways to make a motion to Move! So make that motion! Surely I second it! All those in Favor?... Keep Moving & Stay Safe!

Always remember to have medical clearance from your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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