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November 01, 2021 | NATIONAL Pastor Fernando Villicana, Correspondent

Well, no matter how difficult the situation or how tumultuous the season may be, there’s always something to be thankful for. This month our entire nation will celebrate Thanksgiving.
Supermarkets will sell more turkeys in a single month than all the combined turkeys the whole year. Turkeys will be carved, dinners planned, drinks will be served, family gathered together. The irony of it is that very little thanks to God during Thanksgiving. We are so busy preparing, cooking, entertaining, watching football and eating, that about the only real thanks that gets done on Thanksgiving is done in a single prayer before the big meal. And it’s usually done by one person. Truth be told, millions will miss the whole point and original intent of this holiday – to give thanks to God for what He’s done in our lives.

The Bible tells us: “Everything has come from You and everything belongs to You” (1 Chronicles 29:16).

It all starts with recognizing and affirming that God is the source of all good! Everything that we enjoy in life is a gift from God. Even when things don’t seem to go our way God tells us to thank Him.

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

I want to emphasize the opening word in this scripture - “IN” everything. In the middle of your challenge, disappointment, discouragement, hardship, trial… give thanks to ‘God. Why? Because there’s always more in life to be thankful for, than to gripe about.

In spite of any difficulty you may be experiencing, here’s a list of things every Believer should thank God for.

“I will not forget the glorious things God does for me.
He forgives all my sins.
He heals me.
He ransoms me from hell.
He surrounds me with love.
He fills my life with good things.
He is merciful and tender to those who don’t deserve it (grace).
He is slow to get angry.
He never bears a grudge.
He has not punished us as we deserve for our sins” (Psalms 103:2-11 (LB)

Just to name a few.

So, when you carve that turkey, slice the pumpkin pie, watch the game, share good times with your family - remember to thank God IN everything. God has blessed us and “…is the giver of all good things.”

Happy Thanksgiving

Fernando Villicana
Fire Service Chaplain

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Pastor Fernando VillicanaCorrespondent

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