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Washington DC Capital Blazes 16


By John M. Malecky November, 2018

Washington DC
Capital Blazes 16
By Fireline Videos

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street, Suite #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $29.95 (DVD)

This DVD is 58 minutes in length and involves 11 incidents from December of 2009 through July 14, 2011. There is one 3rd alarm, three 2nd alarms, and the rest are working fires, some with special calls. Two of the incidents involve an Amtrak locomotive and one involves an underground transformer vault.

In the Amtrak fires, the first is basically knocked down with light smoke and the second has smoke from one end to the other. In the second one, the car is towed out of the station by another car to a location where the fire is extinguished. The vault fire has heavy flames and black smoke pushing up at sidewalk level and two lines are used to cover structural exposures. An airport crash truck later arrives.

The 3rd alarm involves an apartment building with a number of people trapped. A few can be seen at the windows. Heavy fire shows from two large windows at floor below the roof. Two aerials are raised to effect rescue. A second alarm involves a vacant apartment building with a light smoke condition. Aerials are raised to the roof and truckies use saws at ground level to cut security bars at the windows. Another 2nd alarm is in a row house which is fully involved on the second floor. A deck gun eventually operates to knock down what can be seen. The third 2nd alarm involves rear porches on attached row dwellings with heavy fire showing.

Of the working fires, one is a two-story dwelling with light smoke showing and saws are used to cut window bars. A reflection of flames inside give way to eventual active fire. A restaurant fire involves flames breaking through a wall of a small roof structure, later attacked by a handline. Next, a vacant frame building has flames under the roof and then through the roof. A George Washington University fraternity house has fire through the roof of this ordinary construction structure.

These incidents show the DCFD working hard!

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