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New York Rescues (5)


By John M. Malecky November, 2020

New York Rescues (5)
(5 DVD Set)
By Advanced Print & Video

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street, Suite #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price $69.95

This is the final disk of the five DVD set and features Rescue 5 stationed in the Borough of Staten Island. The footage takes place in 1997 when they were assigned a Mack MR/Saulsbury rescue truck with a walk-in body in which four crew members suited up and sat during responses. Their current rescue trucks have non-walk-in bodies and the entire crew rides in the cab.

This DVD is 45 minutes rather than the others, which were 60 minutes. This coverage is different than the other four in the following respects: there is no introduction by any member of the company and there are no interviews or training sessions with specialized equipment. There is also no narration by the videographer. All that can be heard is radio traffic, which is not very audible in most cases. There is also no indication of what is burning, nor the date, box number or the number of alarms. On the back of the jacket of the set is a brief explanation of what is within and two third alarm fires are mentioned.

The fires are spectacular! One is in an attached two story building which could be a dwelling, offices or commercial establishments. Take your pick! The buildings are fully involved with exposures being threatened. Tower ladder streams and some handlines operate and have their work cut out for them. The second fire appears to be in what might be a private property with several expensive dwellings. The main fire is in the middle and two large buildings are exposed and burning. It is unclear what is burning in the middle. There is a construction shovel on the property which suggests that there was work in progress and the main fire may have been a building under construction because not much is left of it. Tower Ladder 77 comes in off the street and goes to work with its platform stream. Rescue 5 is heavily engaged in both of these fires, but a videographer would never be able to get close enough to view them.

Other parts of this DVD involve riding along with the crew while they gear up during responses. The DVD is also dedicated to a firefighter from the company who lost his life and part of the proceeds will help his family. This footage is a fitting way to bring to a close a salute to New York City rescues!

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