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October 01, 2023 | NATIONAL Dee Dee DiMino, Correspondent

COFFEE! Who loves coffee? I DO!! I enjoy a cup of organic coffee just about every morning. However, it is not something that I must have to get myself going in the morning, something to give me a boost in the afternoon, something to help me make it through the day, or something I need to have a bowel movement. If this is the case, then you need to look at what you are eating and find assistance with solving these issues through proper food consumption. Also, evaluate your sleep cycle. Are you getting enough sleep?

Here is a very simple way to start to live a healthier life. One simple step to change one simple thing…I invite you to switch to organic coffee. Non-organic coffee is very unhealthy. It is a chemically treated beverage, steeped in approximately 40 synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides—all toxins. Just by having a non-organic cup of coffee with all these toxic compounds can result in disease and sickness. Think of all these toxins you are putting in your body every single morning.

Coffee is a healthy beverage! YAY!!!! It has many polyphenols which are antioxidants that help to prevent diseases like inflammation. Inflammation is the main cause of autoimmune disease and cancer. Antioxidants also neutralize free radicals that can lead to poor cellular function and then disease. There are about 1,000 antioxidants in unprocessed, organic coffee beans and even more when they do the roasting process.

If you have issues with drinking coffee, like anxiety or nervousness, or you can’t sleep at night, then you should cut down or get your polyphenols in another beverage, such as organic green matcha tea or organic decaffeinated coffee. You should not drink coffee before you go to the doctor to have your blood pressure checked. It can raise your blood pressure—not for long, but it is something to keep in mind. So, by simply switching to organic coffee, you are doing your body a whole world of good, especially since most people drink coffee every day. 

There are many brands of organic coffee available to choose from…Seattle’s Best, Newman’s Own, Sprouts and many more. It might cost a little more, but it’s well worth it—you deserve it! Find one that you like and switch it out. You will be doing something so simple yet so good for your body.

Bottoms up! Take fun seriously!

Dee Dee DiMino is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN Graduate with Gut Health Specialty, and Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners. For more information, visit www.DeeDeeDiMino.com

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Dee Dee DiMinoCorrespondent

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