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Save Yourself Firefighting: Cancer Reduction Procedures

By John Malecky, Senior Columnist | July 01, 2021 | NEW JERSEY

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By John M. Malecky September, 2021

Save Yourself Firefighting:
Cancer Reduction Procedures
By Rich Madsen

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price $49.00 (DVD)

This DVD is one hour and 13 minutes in length. It is a Fire Engineering video. The presenter (at the time) is a captain with the Hebron Alden Greenwood FPD and firefighter/paramedic with the Hundley FPD in the Chicago area. He has served in the fire service since 2001. The rest of his bio can be found on the jacket cover. After nearly losing a close friend to cancer, Madsen set out to do research in an effort to prevent cancer from striking others, particularly those in emergency service.

The presentation addresses firefighters and EMS primarily in the fire station environment, but in addition addresses concerns in the field and right down to our own personal lives. By this I mean right down to our diets! He leaves no stone unturned in his research and if he does, I could not think of what would still be out there to address. It is a pretty intense presentation and leaves very little to the imagination. A good part of what he discusses would not have been thought of, but by his dedication one can be made aware of how cancer can work its way into our lives. It is definitely a must-have for safety and survival training.

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