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New York City Rescues (4)


By John M. Malecky September, 2020

New York City Rescues (4)
5 DVD Set
By Advanced Print & Video

Available from:
FSP Boos & Videos
188 Central Street, Suite #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $69.95

This is the fourth disk of the five disk set, and it is of Rescue Company 4 which is stationed in the Borough of Queens. It is also 60 minutes in length. Unlike the introductions of the last three disks, this one has strong music instead of Fontella Bass singing “Rescue Me.” There is a brief presentation of fires in the District of Columbia (DCFD), which I believe was presented to show that the company sells activities from other cities.

This Rescue 4 footage covers incidents in 1998 and 1999. There is an introduction about the company by one of the members, as was shown in the first two disks by members of Rescues 1 and 2. In all, there are other interviews about some of the equipment such as K-12 saws, Rabbit Tools and Bunny Tool and airbags. Sadly, the two members giving these interviews later lost their lives in two different incidents. FF Harry Ford lost his life with two other men in “The Father’s Day Fire” in 2001, and Captain Brian Hickey lost his life on 9-11-01 with 342 other firefighters.

Activities shown on this disk include several major fires, including taxpayers (a group of generally one-story buildings with common cocklofts cheaply built just to pay the taxes of these properties), a private dwelling which caused a stubborn fire, and others, overturned vehicle on the Long Island Expressway, a collapse at a construction site which trapped workers, and others. Radio traffic can be heard and there is a brief description of the scenes by the videographer. There is also a brief tour of the inside of one of the buildings after the fire was knocked down. This disk has a lot of fire and a lot of action.

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