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Deal with the stress or it will deal with you

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August 01, 2020 | NATIONAL Didymus McHugh, Correspondent

As I go through my day, I think about how frustrated people get and that some people may not have the right way to express themselves. I have seen where some people may be destructive and others may be able to find the correct constructive outlets. We all need to find the way that is our proper stress management.

Some people may enjoy yoga or certain mindfulness activities. Some of us may be a little more physical, like running, weight lifting, or working on construction jobs until we are exhausted. We need to explore for ourselves what avenue is best for us.

If we do not get a chance to work out out stress, it can take us out. Stress may show up in ways that we do not want. Stress untreated is like when you take a bottle of a carbonated drink, after you just shook it for a half an hour. You try to open it slowly and not get sprayed but you need to be very diligent. Stress may rear its ugly head in the form of a heart attack or other physical ailments or may play a number on your mind. You may not be able to concentrate or the slightest thing can get you angry. There are many ways that stress will come out.

Right now people are experiencing a lot of stress and we need to limit the stress. Please make sure that you have your personal space and personal things to release stress. Many people may want to try stress relief like others but we also need to remember that stress is individualized. One incident may cause stress for one person but not the next, so it is only logical that one way of relieving stress may not work for the next person.

Think about constructive ways about releasing stress. If you need help, there are people around who are willing to guide you or listen. Sometimes we can learn how to handle the stress by talking to others

Stay safe,

Didymus McHugh

PS. If you will, contact me and let me know the way that you handled stress prior to the pandemic and the way that you are now handling stress. I am curious as to if and how people's stress management has changed.

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Didymus McHughCorrespondent

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