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Is there anyone there?

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August 01, 2024 | NATIONAL Didymus McHugh, Correspondent

I am really concerned about when people say that they are here for you or that people want to hear from you. So many websites have contact information or email information but I wonder if there is anyone at the other end.

There are shows that I listen to and at the end they say that they want to hear from you but when you send them a message, you get no response. 

I don't know about you but when I reach out to someone, I expect to receive an acknowledgement that they received the message.

I am working on a project and have reached out to people in different industries, including mental health, artists and people in related industries, to learn more and gain some support and advice but barely get a response. Do you really want to hear from people? If not, do not put your contact information anywhere out to the public or put a disclaimer "if you reach out to us, good luck, we will respond in any way."

People interview you so that you can work with their organization but once they receive your dues, you can never get any response from anyone.

I will admit that when nobody responds to you when you reach out to them can be very discouraging. I even had someone, who I sent a letter to, tell me that they received the letter and they will not read it or get back to me. Sorry, that person just told himself when they fall on my list of credible people.

Some people may think that it is like that when we pray, but it is not. We need to listen carefully and look for the signs that God sends us. Believe it or not prayer is a two way street. Many times we pray to God and tell him our concerns and ask for His help but we do not notice His response. God may send you encouragement through a card that you receive, something our children may say, a song that we hear, a rainbow in the sky or a call from someone that we have not heard from in a long time.

There was time that I was thinking about something and I told God that if He wants me to do it, He needs to send me confirmation. Well, He was listening. He sent me two people within minutes of each other asking about the project that I was thinking of giving up on.

You may or may not experience but at times, when I work in the hospital, I walk into a patient's room and introduce myself and the patient may say that they just asked God to send them a sign, and I walk in. We may have a conversation and part of that conversation, I may bring up something that they shared with God in a prayer. 

God uses whatever way He wants to talk with us. We need to look for His answer and learn how to judge what is from God.

There may be times that you may go to church and the pastor may be talking about the issues that you just discussed with God. You may think that the pastor was sitting in the car as you were driving to church but God works in wonder ways.

You may be going through some stuff right now and you asked God for help but you do not think that God cares because He did not respond to you, the way that you want. You may expect a plane to be a sky writer with your answer but that ain't how He works. He does not answer everyone on a billboard. God usually talks to us in whispers not yelling.

You may want God to take away your pain but you may not like how or when He removes the pain. We may have a relative that is suffering pain from a disease and ask for the pain to be gone. We expect that the person will be healed in a second but God may call the person to be with Him. When God calls His people home, they are no longer in pain. They are in the presence of our Maker.

Yes, God is there. He may answer in our timeline or they way that we expect, but trust me He knows what He is doing. Sometimes it hurts but when you look back years later, you will see why it happened then way it did.

Remember: In God we trust.

Stay safe,

Didymus McHugh

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Didymus McHughCorrespondent

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