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Heroes on Call


By John M. Malecky July, 2019

Heroes on Call
By Monarch Films

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street, #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price $14.99 (DVD)

This DVD is about 50 minutes in length and was taken after 9/11. It visits different aspects of how 9/11 affected people in its aftermath. It covers a story of a New York City firefighter who made a heroic rescue and later had to leave the job due to an injury. He was off the job during 9/11 and suffered emotionally from not being able to respond to it. He would put on his turnouts and go down to the scene to help out with the recoveries until the operation was terminated.

Another story briefly touches on a widow of one of the firefighters, how she recalled their wedding day and remembered their good times. The Newark, NJ Fire Department is focused on and how they remember their brother’s sacrifices. It shows the NFD in action and also shows them going to schools and teaching small students about fire safety and what to do if they should be exposed to fire in their home for instance.

Another story is about a volunteer ambulance corps in the borough of Queens who lost their ambulance at 9/11, but even worse, lost an 18-year-old member who was so dedicated that he joined as a junior cadet at the age of 14. This was a truly tragic story, especially as his mother tells of how much he wanted to help people. This coverage is touching.

The disc that I have has a voice that is not quite lined up with the facial expressions of those being interviewed and in the beginning the reporter’s voice is muffled somewhat by the voices of those working the operation.

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