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Is Your Food Keeping You In Pain?

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July 01, 2024 | NATIONAL Dee Dee DiMino, Correspondent

Have you ever gone out partying and maybe drank too much? Then, the next day you wake up with a headache, your body hurting, and feeling exhausted. Or maybe, you just had that second glass of wine with dinner and you feel just as horrible! Or maybe, you wake up one day and say, “Oh my gosh, I felt like I drank last night! I didn’t!”

What if I told you that that same feeling—that same pain—can be from some of the foods that you are eating? We already know that sugar and fried foods are not the healthiest foods for us, right? However, I think you will be surprised to discover that even some healthy foods can impact our well-being, causing pain in the neck, back, head, and other parts of the body.

Neck pain from food? What??? Most people can relate to abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating caused by food, but very few realize that food can also cause pain in the body.

As a small test, I invite you to try eliminating tomatoes—which would include ketchup, hot sauce and pasta sauce—for seven days. Be aware of how you are feeling during this time. On the eighth day, add tomatoes back into your diet— writing down any symptoms you are experiencing. Do not disregard any symptom. Good luck!

Dee Dee DiMino 

Health Coach & Educator Awakening to Wellness, LLC 



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