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Control of Fireground Operations


By John M. Malecky July, 2022

Control of Fireground Operations
By Anthony Avillo

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749
E-mail: support@fire-police-ems.com

Price: $20.00 (DVD)

This DVD is 114 minutes in length. When I choose a DVD to review, I consider the length of time it is and then have to decide when I would have enough time in my schedule and if I would be alert enough to sustain the duration if it to make a good review. In this case, I must tell you that retired Deputy Chief Avillo is an excellent speaker as well as an experienced firefighter. I met him when we were both captains at a study class for battalion chief, so at that time we were both students. He originally served with a small urban fire department in Hudson County, NJ. Even though small, his department saw its share of fire duty not only within its boundaries, but by providing mutual aid to neighboring cities in the northern section of the county. Eventually, the other four neighboring cities would become the North Hudson Regional Fire Rescue and include his small town. They are an urban area with plenty of fire duty. I write this to convince you that Anthony is well qualified to teach from experience as well as knowledge. He is an excellent speaker able to teach without mincing words and in a definitive way to keep your attention throughout the presentation!

When this DVD was made he was the director and deputy fire marshal at the Monmouth County (NJ) Fire Academy and adjunct professor at the New Jersey City University. His main focus is controlling the fireground by being aware of not only what you can see, but what cannot be seen and this is done by creating divisions using company personnel and battalion chiefs and giving situational reports on progress. Discussions involve pre-fire planning, scene size up, arrival report/preliminary size-up report, strategy determination, initial progress report, decentralization, feedback/evaluation/adjustment, continuing progress reports and post control operations. The class is made up of Tulsa, Oklahoma firefighters which is the city that the publisher’s headquarters is located. This is a Fire Engineering Books & Videos publication.

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