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Trust Fall

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August 01, 2023 | NATIONAL Didymus McHugh, Correspondent

I just saw something that made me think. I do not know if they still do it but a number of years ago, corporations would have team building outings. One of the events was called a trust fall. You would stand on a platform and people you were supposed catch you as you fell backward without looking.

I worked with people and crews that I could fall backward and never have to worry. I have other crews that I did not dare because there were too busy with their own attitudes. I still have people from my old crews that I see that I still trust with my life. There are times when I get called out with the crisis teams and I see someone that I have known for over thirty years. They great me with a hug like it was when we rode together. He knows that when I tell him that I have his back and am here for his people, he knows my word is solid.

I have changed over the years I have learned to trust others. I have come to trust my doctors with my life, if not I would have found others. When they worked on me and helped save my life, you develop a special bond with the doctor. But as I was rolled into the operating room, I told someone "leave me, take me, I don't care it's not my life" and I still lived. I have learned to trust God. I know that most people do not think or have the experiences that I have and that's okay.

After I have had a child born that was special needs and gone through some garbage that there is no way that I should have survived, I trust more. I have gotten to the point that where ever He wants to take my life, I am okay with it. See when I almost died, I realized that I am not the one who decides when I take my last breathe. I am okay with that.

Right now, I am working on a project and I told God "Okay, if You want me to do this project, You need to send me confirmation." As soon as I got out of the room, I had people asking me about the project because they are excited about it and want to be a part of it. That is the last time I will ask about that project. Yes, I know, not everyone has that fast of a response. We need to be able to read how God speaks to us. We need to be able to trust in God.

Many times we say "In God we Trust" but do you really, or is it that you just pray to God in a last ditch effort to get you out of a situation. Do you trust God with your finances or are you trying to chase the dollar and forget about the little smiling faces at home.

God does provide for your needs. You may need transportation and want a Mercedes, Lexus or something flashy but God may put you in a car that looks like a rolling scrap yard but is dependable transportation. You may be hungry and want a steak dinner but all you can afford is meatloaf. But the meal is shared with loved ones or real good friends.

You may not think of it or believe it but God is with you as you go through all trials. I have heard the saying that God does not give you more than you can handle but I have seen the sign that gives the response that God helps you handle what you are given. If you can handle every situation that you are given, there is no room for growth, personally or spiritually.

I know many times being able to trust someone or something may take a long time, but it is worth trusting God.

Trust God. Be willing to fall into His hands. He has been holding you so far. 

Maybe one day we will talk about how God had you in His hands and took care of you and saved your life, one way or the other.

Be safe,

Didymus McHugh

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Didymus McHughCorrespondent

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