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New York Rescues (3)


By John M. Malecky July, 2020

New York Rescues (3)
5 DVD Set
By Advanced Print & Video

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street
Hudson, MA -01749-1330

Price: $69.95

This is the third disk of the set of five and features Rescue 3, which covers the Bronx and three battalions in Manhattan. Like the other two previously reviewed, it is 60 minutes in length and starts off with the same introduction sung by Fontana Bass. A second brief presentation follows, featuring fires of the past. At this point the viewer may think that he or she has the wrong disk, but low and behold it eventually gets to Rescue 3 footage.

Unlike the first two disks where a member of the company introduces himself and orients the viewer about the responsibilities of the rescue unit, this disk does not have a formal introduction. You will see fires and collapses that the company responded to during 1998 and 1999, and see a training session on the search cam which is a long instrument used to be inserted within a collapse area to search for life and other conditions. Also is a tour of the inventory of the collapse unit, which is the second section of Rescue 3 which is a tractor-drawn vehicle.

One of the collapses is in lower Manhattan involving a parking garage in which some 50 cars were destroyed. Heavy equipment was brought in to retrieve the cars and each had to be searched for possible casualties or fatalities. A second collapse of the building under repairs is featured. There is an explanation about the symbols on vacant buildings for instance and what each signifies to the Fire Department regarding entry or non-entry. The fire scenes include a multi-storied brick dwelling which appears to be vacant and has heavy fire through the roof but nothing showing on the lower floors.

Other fires include a commercial business which actually burned twice within two months, an auto repair shop and other major fires. Radio transmissions can be heard and there is a brief announcement of when the incident was, where it was and what is involved.

The next disk will feature Rescue Company 4.

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