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Bad Call


By John M. Malecky June, 2019

Bad Call
By Mike Scardino

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This is a 6” x 9” hard cover book with 304 pages. It is a group of memoirs of the author, who worked part time in the late 1960’s on a New York City ambulance in the boro of Queens in order to help pay his tuition in college. There are 43 chapters, plus acknowledgements, and I can certainly tell you that the title very much gives justice to the majority of these calls.

If you, the reader, ever ponders the idea of wanting to work on an ambulance (that does emergency calls), read this book and realize what real life is, both on the streets and behind closed doors in the homes and workplaces of these patients!

For 24 years I worked both part time in EMS and for a few years answered first responder calls with my fire department, and just when you thought you saw the worst, you eventually see something even more worse! If you thought you had problems, ride an ambulance and see other people’s problems. Then, your own will become less in comparison.

This book is not for the weak, especially if you empathize with the author and the situations faced. He also writes about his different partners with reference to the personalities, skills and stamina.

This is not a book you would want to put down because each chapter is exciting in its own way!

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