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May 01, 2023 | NATIONAL Pastor Fernando Villicana, Correspondent

What’s the first thing you that comes to your mind when you hear “running on empty”?  For me it is a reference to our gas tanks, the economy crunch. Most of us are much more strategic about where we go and how much it will cost us in gas these days. But what about our souls? Many people today are running on empty. High stress, low energy, frustrated, angry, marriage problems... all keep us with the feeling of running on empty.

The good news is - God is an expert at filling emptiness. If you’re running on empty – you are a prime candidate for a miracle!

In II Kings chapter 4 a man died and left his wife penniless. She had no husband, money, food, income, no government programs to apply for and no prospects for improvement. All she had were two sons, and the creditors were about to come take them as slaves (the law allowed for this).

She had one more thing: a little pot of oil. Every other pot in the house was empty (vessels/jars/cupboards/pockets/purse). In her emptiness and nothingness, she went to the Prophet Elisha…and she learned something about having nothing! What God can do with an empty vessel! She went to her neighbors and borrowed more empty vessels. The story continues: she set out all those empty jars and vessels, took her little jar of oil and poured it into one of the empty jars. The miracle came - they were filled full, and her little jar was no longer empty. She filled the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… - and who knows how many more. The primary interpretation of the text is how God meets the material and financial needs of His people!

The spiritual implication is that we serve a God that specializes in filling emptiness! Emptiness in our hearts, marriage, our jobs… As long as we obey God and trust in Him, the destination of all emptiness will be fullness. We serve a Lord that specializes in filling emptiness!

Are you running on empty? Our God is a miracle worker and is ready to pour out His blessing of fullness upon you. 

Pastor Fernando Villicaña 
Fire Service Chaplain

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Pastor Fernando VillicanaCorrespondent

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