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Fluoride Is Not Our Friend

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March 01, 2024 | NATIONAL Dee Dee DiMino, Correspondent

So, fluoride is not our friend. It is more poisonous than lead and slightly less than arsenic. It is a neurotoxin, which means it is toxic to the brain. It is listed as “lethal poison” in the Merck Manual. This is crazy, right?  It is on the shelves at the supermarkets! “If they put in our products, it can’t be bad, right?” This statement is incorrect! Studies done show a flaw in the research—that excess fluoride does not prevent tooth decay. 

Fluoride is a most reactive element. When ingested, it attacks the oxygen in the body and can result in too many free radicals. It can be the reason for chronic, health conditions including cardiovascular, inflammatory conditions—even cancer.

Using fluoride in your water, shower, or toothpaste can cause osteosarcoma, which is a bone cancer.  Okay. This is serious enough. But it goes further. It can also be the cause of thyroid and endocrine issues; brain disorders like Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s Disease; lower IQ and memory problems; lower our white blood cells level, thereby compromising our immune system. Fluoride can also calcify the pineal gland. Too much fluoride in the body can lead to compromised respiratory and liver conditions, gastrointestinal symptoms, and neurological issues like headaches, depression and muscle weakness. Often, people think their memory loss is just from getting older. However, it could very well be from the prolonged use of fluoride.

Fluoride is not needed to prevent cavities. My son never uses fluoride and has had one cavity in 16 years! I recommend you do not let the dentist use fluoride when cleaning or rinsing your teeth.  In fact, I encourage you to switch to fluoride free toothpaste—a simple switch for continued, total wellness. 

My favorite, non-fluoride toothpastes are made by Dr. Bronner, Tom’s, or Jason. However, be sure to read the labels, because some of these companies still manufacture fluoride toothpaste.

People might say, “It’s not in my water and I am not swallowing the toothpaste. So, what is the problem?” To this I say that fluoride is a liquid, and it goes directly into the bloodstream. It is overworking our immune system, causing many health issues. 

The bottom line is…tooth decay is not caused by not ingesting enough fluoride. Cavities are not caused by a lack of fluoride. Switch out to non-fluoride toothpaste, check your water supply, and look into filters for your tap and showerhead. 

Fluoride-free is the way to go. It is another simple step to give the body a chance—a chance to heal—a chance to be balanced—a chance to do what it is supposed to do—be healthy and strong. 

Dee Dee DiMino 

Health Coach & Educator Awakening to Wellness, LLC



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Dee Dee DiMinoCorrespondent

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