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Your Blueprint to the Firefighter Written Exam


By John M. Malecky March, 2022

Your Blueprint to the Firefighter Written Exam
By Fire & Police Selection, Inc.

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749-1331

Price: $49.00 (DVD)

This is an instructional video by a consulting firm dedicated to the fire and police industries. It is nearly two hours in length and consists of instruction by a person, who at the time (2014) was the executive vice president of the company. I have no reason to believe otherwise at this time.

The presentations consist of one-on-one instruction. The course covers eight topics: Reading Comprehension, Writing Ability, Observation and Memory, Mechanical Aptitude, Spatial Orientation, Human Relations Skills, Personality Traits/Skills and Job Knowledge. Teaching aids are used in a number of the presentations. The lessons are detailed and cover just about everything you need to know to achieve a high score while relating to how the techniques will make you a better firefighter and prepare you to stay safe and go higher up in rank during your career.

While I realize that all of the states in which this review is seen may not test in the same way, this video impresses to the student to pay strict attention to what the testers use for the exams such as bibliographies, etc., regardless of any one fire department’s sop’s, which may not pertain to the exam itself. My opinion is that this DVD is a valuable tool to prepare a candidate for an entrance exam by way of tips and principles.

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