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The Fire Apparatus of the Syracuse Fire Department

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By John M. Malecky March, 2023

The Fire Apparatus of the Syracuse Fire Department
By Tom W. Shand and David B. Reeves
Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
433 Main Street, Suite 2A
Hudson, MA 07149

Price: $30.00

This book is soft cover, 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and has 120 pages. At a short distance away the appearance strongly resembles my book entitled Mack Tilt Cab Fire Apparatus which was released in 1988 with the same color, dimension and thickness. The one author, Tom W. Shand has been valued friend of mine for about 50 years. We are both apparatus enthusiasts. I can tell you that Tom is a man of truth and accuracy especially when it comes to knowing apparatus. I do not know retired deputy chief David B. Reeves but to have teamed up with Tom he must be of equal caliber. You can see both of their backgrounds in the book. The book has 13 chapters featuring photos in all of them. The first six chapters cover from 1877 to 1985 with separate chapters on the rescue company, the squad company and airport fire protection. Up until 1970 the photos are black and white with color taking over afterwards. The front and back covers are also of color photos. The rescue, squad and airport chapters feature apparatus for each from early to present. Subsequent chapters will update the reader to the most modern apparatus. Syracuse is a progressive department as far as innovations and planning for the present and future and apparatus is a major part of it. Chapter 12 is about innovations and chapter 13 is assignments for each company throughout their history. Throughout the book each apparatus written about follows its history as to changes top paint color, type of design, rebuilding/refurbishing and just about everything else. Acknowledgements are made to others both alive and decease, who contributed to this book. If you are an apparatus enthusiast you will want this reasonably price book..

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