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The Unknowns


By John M. Malecky March, 2021

The Unknowns
A Documentary Film About America’s
Most Sacred Shrine

Available from:
FSP Books & Videos
188 Central Street, Suite #4
Hudson, MA 01749-1330

Price: $20.00 (DVD)

This DVD is approximately 84 minutes in length. It details the background of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is located at Arlington National Cemetery in Fort Myers, Virginia. It is a well organized story about the military volunteers who guard this tomb seven days a week and 365 days a year, regardless of weather. It takes you through the history of the shrine and the painstaking and rigorous training these men and women are put through who desire to be a part of this guard. Like any other strict training it is a process of elimination which is determined either by the candidates (as they go through their ordeal) or the trainers (when a candidate does not meet the requirements during the training).

This video goes through step by step training, routines and behind the scenes such as crew quarters while on duty, reporting, inspections and a vast array of all aspects of guarding the Unknowns. It is precision the likes of which you’ve probably never seen. It’s comforting to know that there are still humans around that are so disciplined. They are also deeply dedicated to their country and to those who gave their lives to defend it.

To each who meets the qualifications a badge is presented and stays with that person even after he or she leaves the assignment. However it is pointed out that it can also be revoked at any time if there is reason to believe that the holder is not keeping up to what is expected of them either on or off duty. In short, it is a documentary that is certainly educating and enlightening!

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