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How's your team?

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February 01, 2023 | NATIONAL Didymus McHugh, Correspondent

We all work as a team, if we realize it or not. Part of going through life is knowing that life is a team sport and that nobody goes through life alone. There are people that try to keep people out of their lives but they can't.

Parents know that it takes a team to care for their children. There may be babysitters, teachers, coaches, relatives, doctors, and that is only off the top of my head.

When I think of someone who wants to be solo, I think of the cartoon theme song for Mighty Mouse: "Here I come to save the day!"

The Long Ranger had Tonto. We all need good support.

Look at the police department, the fire department, EMS or the military and you see a team. One thing about those teams is that they train so that the hardest jobs look easier and well orchestrated.

The scene of a fire starts with an unseen member, but everyone knows, and that is the dispatcher. You have the police, who show up and help with traffic and getting information and other things. You have the chief (incident commander) for the fire department, then the truck company, engine companies, rescue company, EMS and all the other specialized units, this is a team for success. But do not forget that it does not end there. They may rely on the water department and other departments that fall into the realm of department of public works. One way the succeed is by keeping up their training and drill together as often as possible. Through training, we learn who can do what and where additional resources or training is needed.

I know that when you look at a Hazardous Materials incident,you may work with other team members that you would not think about. Most firefighters may not think about having the Coast Guard on their team, but a spill that leads to water that can be navigated needs to include them. Other team members may be people who can move materials or cleanup contractors, or the local restaurant for food on long calls.

When we live our life, we have a team. We have relatives, doctors, teachers, faith leaders, bankers, investment counselors, mental health counselors, our team of places that provide us product, from food to medication. If we have a disease we are really picky about who is on our team. If we have heart disease, we want the best cardiologist on the team and not the foot doctor, when we are going for heart surgery.

When someone is going through substance recovery, they need to be selective about their team. They do not have people from their old habits on the team. You would not want a drug dealer on your team as you are trying to recover or a liquor store, when you are trying to give up alcohol.

If we look at corporations or large ventures, we work as a team. Wise people will seek counsel. They calculate the costs, check the resources, the manpower and the effect. All corporate America has to work as a team. Any education facility needs a team. I have a good Friend who was a teacher. The way that He was successful was he had His team of twelve people that He mentored. He spent a lot of time talking with them and explaining principles to them, that they may have thought we new and revolutionary. He ended up dying but His work continued on because of the team that he developed.

Evaluate your team. Be selective. Your success or failure in life depends on the people that you include on your team. It is also important to keep the wrong people off your team. There are plenty of people willing to put you down and tell you that you can never achieve you goal. You do not need to have them on the team. This type of attitude is not only bad for the success but can also get you killed, so be very selective.

Build your team of success now. Your life may depend upon it.

Stay safe,


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Didymus McHughCorrespondent

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