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John Norman, Working with Giants


By John M. Malecky February, 2022

John Norman
Working with Giants
From Fire Engineering Books & Videos

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This book is soft cover and measures 6 inches by 9 inches. It has 492 pages in which the memoirs take up 441 pages comprising 32 chapters. There is an epilogue, glossary, index and story about the author which completes the book. I am writing this review the day after I finished the book. I have no idea of when I started reading the book! It is an exceptional book of memories from a man I consider an icon in the fire service. He would disagree because he is humble. But the man dedicated his life to saving others in many ways, not only by putting many years in the New York City Fire Department as well as a volunteer fire department in Long Island, but also contributing by instructing many and by that means, saved lives in an indirect way by imparting knowledge to them. The duration reading the book took time because I wanted to completely finish it. I studied his textbook back in the 1990’s when it was part of the bibliography for the battalion chief’s exam in New Jersey where I reside. The matter was that the chapters are long in many cases and without breaks where one could put the book down to rest. But perseverance wins in the end! He decided early on to put notes together as the work progressed. He writes equally about other members, whether from his crew or superiors and their equal dedication to serving others as well as their expertise in doing their jobs. Many of these giants are now gone. Some perished on 9-11-01 but others died at different fires or from complications from 9-11. This book sells itself. It would require much more space than I have here to adequately detail much of the tactics that took place at just about any kind of fire or emergency you can imagine. Putting in most of his work in the busiest fire station in maybe the world added to being a part of and later commanding different rescue companies and later the Special Operations Command left little to the imagination about what could be left! So without needing any more to explain, I would suggest that you order your copy and start reading!

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