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401 Things Veteran Firefighters Can Teach You


By John M. Malecky February, 2023

401 Things Veteran Firefighters Can Teach You
Firefighter Tips and Tricks of the Trade
By Gary Ludwig

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This book is soft cover, 6-inches by 9-inches, with 276 pages. It was published in 2020. It is a compilation of statements and suggestions given by a vast number of veteran firefighters from many states, all to help both the rookie and firefighters in general to be the best that they can be. No one can be perfect, but by following these tips they will promote the fire service to provide superior performance to the people they were hired to protect. The fire service works as a team, and none of these recommendations seek to violate that. In other words, they are not meant to promote freelancing such as going off away from the team to do a chore or make a search unless the company officer is aware of it and gives permission. In addition it is understood that standard operating procedures are put in place after much consideration and these should take precedents over suggestions made in the book. Many firefighters from throughout the country have given input and it should be realized that some tactics may differ in other regions. When this book review is shown in this paper I will have been retired over 19 years and things can change within that time. So I am not going to criticize anything, except to say that I agree wholeheartedly with what is written, though some is new to me, some I do not fully understand and for a very few I may disagree with, but that is for you the reader to discover. The chapters are about the first day in the station, construction, engine company operations, ladder company operations, understanding smoke conditions, using tools, vehicle fires, being the driver/engineer, strategies and tactics, safety and survival, incident command, training and, what you can be taught in general. Enjoy the book! Do not try to read too much at a time, and hopefully live to retire!

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