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The Body Craves & Needs Good Salt

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February 01, 2024 | NATIONAL Dee Dee DiMino, Correspondent

Our body is actually starving for the real benefits of salt. For years, salt has taken a bad rap. However, not all salt is bad. You just have to choose the right kind.  

For example, refined salt is chlorinated, fluorinated and bleached. When salt goes through this heating process, all the beneficial minerals are removed, and an extremely low percentage of artificial iodine is added. Also added to promote longer shelf life is aluminum silicate, an anti-caking agent. This type of processed salt can damage cellular function by raising blood pressure and glucose levels. It also causes water retention, becoming a burden to the kidneys. Additionally, the anti-caking agent is now known to be a primary contributor to Alzheimer’s disease. Who knew?

What does our body crave and need? Unrefined salt which is unbleached and unprocessed. It has approximately 92 trace minerals that balance all bodily systems, including the brain and the nervous system.  Also included are the trace minerals that occur naturally like iodine. Furthermore, real, unrefined salt is never exposed to an altering process.

Here is another interesting fact. Consuming refined salt can cause blood pressure to rise. Consuming an insufficient amount of real, unrefined salt can elevate blood pressure. Hmmm…that’s interesting—ingesting one raises blood pressure and not ingesting enough of the other raises blood pressure.

Real, unrefined salt can help regulate heartbeat, balance blood pressure and glucose levels, prevent muscle cramps, and reverse dehydration. It can help promote stronger bones and teeth by rebuilding bone mineral density and osteoblast cells, which can help prevent osteoporosis. It can help clear mucus from the lungs during a cold, flu, or other issues. It can help with headaches by adding it to water—if the headache is due to a mineral deficiency. It is a good idea to try this method before taking over-the-counter medications.

So, what kind of unrefined salt do I recommend? My favorites are Celtic sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, or Icelandic flake sea salt. Your body will thank you for supplying it with these needed beneficial minerals found only in unrefined salt.

Dee Dee DiMino 

Health Coach & Educator                                                                       

Awakening to Wellness, LLC dymin14@bellsouth.net 


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Dee Dee DiMinoCorrespondent

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