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More Apparatus from Hudson County

By John Malecky, Senior Columnist | August 01, 2019 | NEW JERSEY

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By John M. Malecky September, 2019


I know it was just a short time ago that a lineup from Hudson County was featured in this column, but there were others that we did not have room for so we are taking up the slack and showing them here. The North Hudson Regional Fire Rescue (which protects North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken, West New York and Guttenburg), have the most vehicles shown here. There is a Ferrara Cinder rescue pumper, a Pierce 100-foot rear-mount quint assigned as Squad 7 but running as Ladder 3 as the regular piece is out of service, a Pierce 100-foot tractor-drawn aerial, and a GMC/Cliffside Body vehicle assigned to the safety officer and doubling as an MSU. It has a four bottle air cascade system and 42 spare SCBA cylinders. Filling out the photos is the Jersey City MSU which is a Ford/FPG (First Priority Group), which has an eight bottle air cascade system, Sierra Booster, 7.5 kw generator and carries 66 spare 30-minute SCBA cylinders and six one-hour spare SCBA cylinders, the new Bayonne Engine 4, a Spartan ER Metro Star pumper reported on in the last column, and the new Secaucus Marine 1. See the details about it in the Campbell Supply report at the end of this column.

In dealer news, New Jersey Emergency Vehicles has delivered a special operations truck to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office. It has a Freightliner M2 chassis and an 18-foot nine-inch walk-in body. They have an order from East Orange (Essex County) for a Rosenbauer 78-foot Viper quint. Specs include a Warrier chassis with 70-inch cab, an eight-inch raised roof, six seats, single piece full windshield, Cummins L9, 450 hp diesel engine, Smart Aerial with 3/16 inch aluminum body, hot dipped galvanized frame rails, torque box and outriggers, three-section hot dipped galvanized ladder, with electric Akron Stream Master II monitor, Rosenbauer “N” Series 1500-GPM pump and 500-gallon water tank.

Fire & Safety Services reports the following Pierce orders: for Jersey City in Hudson County, three Enforcer pumpers and an Arrow XT 100-foot mid-mount platform, and for Jefferson Township FC. 1 (Morris County), an Enforcer pumper. Pierce deliveries include an Enforcer three-stage high rise pumper for Jersey City, an Enforcer 107-foot Ascendant, tandem axle aerial ladder to Lakewood (Ocean County), an Arrow XT 55-foot Skyboom to the Pine Brook FC in Montville (Morris County), and an Enforcer pumper to Oradell in Bergen County.

Firefighter One reports that the Paterson rescue, a Ferrara Igniter with extruded aluminum body, was delivered and is now in service. Other Ferrara deliveries include a Cinder pumper with Hale Qtwo 1500-GPM pump, side-mount panel, 500-gallon water tank and extruded aluminum body to Paterson (Passaic County). Ridgewood (Bergen County) received a heavy rescue on a Cinder chassis and has an extruded Aluminum body, and the Budd Lake FD in Mt. Olive Township (Morris County) received a heavy rescue on an Ultra chassis. It has an extruded aluminum body, Waterous CSU, 1500-GPM pump with side-mount panel, 500-gallon water tank and Foam Pro 2001 system. Three McCoy Miller ambulances were delivered; a Type III to the Wildwood Crest EMS (Cape May County), and two Type II’s to University Hospital in Newark (Essex County).

The apparatus division of First Priority Emergency Vehicles has delivered a KME pumper to the Byram Township FD (Sussex County). Specs include a Predator Panther chassis with MFD cab having a 10-inch raised roof, Cummins L9, 450 hp diesel engine, Hale Qmax single-stage 2000-GPM pump with side-mount panel, 1000 poly water tank, Challenger wide body of 3/16 inch aluminum having ROM doors, driver’s side full height/full depth compartment, 29-inch deep, officer’s side full height/split depth compartments 29-inch and 14-inch deep, wheel well storage for eight spare SCBA cylinders plus a slide-out oil absorbent bin, ground ladders stored next to the water tank accessed from the rear, and a Honda 5 kw gasoline generator.

Campbell Supply Co., LLC has delivered a trailer mounted Patrol/Rescue, Lake Assault boat to the Secaucus VFD (Hudson County). Their former boat is now with the Atlantic Highlands VFD (Monmouth County). It has a 28-foot hull not including outboard motors, engine guard and rub rails. It has a 9-foot six-inch beam not counting the engine guard and rub rails. Some of the other features include an electro-mechanical fold down radio tower mast, 4000-lb. person and cargo capacity, 63-inch hydraulic operated bow door with remote control, port side dive door with fold out dive ladder, davit crane, two push knees at forward bow, fully enclosed pilot house, 5 kw gasoline generator, two Mercury 350 hp outboards, Darley PSDE, 1500-GPM pump, TFT Typhoon monitor with three gated discharges below it plus a five-inch discharge, a compartment for two five-gallon pails of foam, four FRC scene lights, two Golights and a FLIR video camera.

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.