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More Rosenbauers for Silverton

By John Malecky, Senior Columnist | June 01, 2019 | NEW JERSEY

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By John M. Malecky July, 2019


Before we get into the reporting I want to correct two minor mistakes and clarify a statement. The first is to say that the Borough of Winona is in Gloucester County and not Camden County, and the Jackson Township Fire District 2 with the E-ONE Typhoon with HP-75 aerial is Cassville rather than Whitesville. Lastly, my wording may have been misleading. The Cecil brush truck (Gloucester County) was paired up with Ocean City’s rear-mount in the same sentence which could have led the reader to believe that it was in that same county. Ocean City is in Cape May County.

Some notes on this month’s photos start with two new Rosenbauer in the Silverton Fire Company in Toms River Township (Ocean County). The fire company was due to replace a pumper and a dedicated rescue truck (with no pump or tank). With two other rescue trucks in the township, they decided that they did not need a dedicated rescue truck replacement, but instead decided on a rescue style pumper (with pump and tank), which would serve as either a pumper or a rescue at the incident commander’s discretion. The Timberwolf 4x4 pumper that they had was traded in for a custom pumper to better address the future development of the district. In other photos there is featured East Brunswick’s Independent Fire Company’s new Pierce Enforcer pumper and New Brunswick’s new Engine 1, a Ferrara Cinder pumper with the same major specs as their older Engine 5. Also featured from Middlesex County is Kingston’s KME PRO pumper. The PRO is a competitor to the Pierce PUC, E-ONE eMax, Ferra MVP and Spartan IPS to name a few. In Franklin Township (Somerset County), Middlebush’s Spartan ER pumper is featured and from Burlington County, Palmyra’s new Pierce Velocity mid-mount aerial wraps up this month’s gallery.

Before we get into dealer news I saw a news story today in which the City of Paterson with HUD funding leased a Kumatsu hydraulic excavator for demolishing heavily fire damaged structures. It is assigned to the fire department and will help reduce the fire load, especially of vacant, damaged buildings in which the city has many.

In dealer news, Fire & Safety Services reports the following Pierce orders: for the City of Elizabeth (Union County), an Arrow XT pumper; in Somerset County, for Hillsborough Township FC 3 (Woods Road), an Impel heavy duty rescue pumper and for Company 1, (Flagtown) an Enforcer 3,000-gallon tanker. In Montgomery Township, a Velocity 100-foot platform for Belle Mead and for Blawenburg, an Enforcer pumper. In Cape May County, Stone Harbor ordered an Impel pumper. Pierce deliveries include a Saber pumper to Manville (Somerset County), an Enforcer PUC pumper to Runnemede (Camden County), and an Enforcer pumper to Saddle Brook (Bergen County).

Campbell Supply Co., LLC reports the following Spartan ER orders: for Wyckoff (Bergen County), a Star pumper with Gladiator ELFD chassis, 10-inch raised roof cab, Cummins L9, 450 hp diesel engine, APS, extreme duty front bumper and interior, Waterous CSU 2000-GPM pump, 750-gallon water tank and FRC lighting. For Washington Township (Gloucester County), Whitman Square ordered a Star pumper with Gladiator LFD chassis, 10-inch raised roof cab, Cummins L9, 450 hp diesel engine, APS, extreme duty front bumper and interior, Hale 1500-GPM pump, 750-gallon water tank and Whelen scene lighting. The Breton Woods FC in Brick (Ocean County), ordered a 75-foot quint with a Gladiator MFD chassis, 10-inch raised roof cab, Cummins L9, 500 hp diesel engine, APS, extreme duty interior, Hale Qmax 1500-GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, Harrison 8 kw generator and Camera in view 360 (4) Cam Bird’s Eye View System. The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office has ordered a Mobile Forensics Unit. Built by E.V.I. on a Ford Transit HR 3500 chassis, it will have three work stations, two 32-inch TV monitors, a 6 kw Onan generator, day/night surveillance camera system and Whelen lighting. They have delivered to the Edison Division of Fire (Middlesex County), a Special Operations Unit. It has a Freightliner M2, 106 chassis, Cummins L9 diesel engine, 22-foot Morgan box body and a Maxon 2500-pound capacity galvanized lift gate. They are prepping for the City of Bayonne (Hudson County), a Spartan ER extreme duty Star pumper. It has a Metro Star MFD chassis with 10-inch raised roof cab, Cummins L9, 400 HP diesel engine, 177-inch wheelbase, 10-foot five-inch overall height, extreme duty Black Line-X finish in cab, 21-inch front bumper extension, APS, rear view camera, Waterous CMUC20, 1500-GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, Akron Hi-Riser deck gun, Trident air primer front suction and main pump body, (two) 1 3/4-inch and (one) 2 ½-inch crosslays, (all 200-ft.), rear hose bed bay-1: 300-feet of 2 ½-inch/bay-2: 1000-feet of five-inch/bay-3: 600-feet of three-inch/250-feet of 1 ¾-inch.

New Jersey Emergency Vehicles has delivered the following P.L. Custom ambulances: two remounts of Ford E-450 chassis, one to Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance (Passaic County) and the other to Fair Haven FAS (Monmouth County); and two Medallions on Ford E-450 chassis, one to the Flemington-Raritan FA & RS (Hunterdon County) and the other to the Delanco ES (Burlington County).

This article is a direct street report from our correspondent and has not been edited by the 1st Responder newsroom.