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Pet Friends
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NY: Meet Baxter   Posted on 10/1/2017
PA: "Charlotte" from Sacramento Community Fire Co.   Posted on 9/13/2017
PA: Benelli greets a family   Posted on 8/11/2017
MD: Benelli   Posted on 6/1/2017
TX: Austin FD's Three Accelerant Detection Canines   Posted on 5/18/2017
NJ: Newark Firehouse Mascot "Sonny"   Posted on 3/23/2017
MA: Standing By...   Posted on 3/15/2017
AL: Alabaster, AL   Posted on 1/11/2017
NJ: Mystic Island, NJ   Posted on 10/23/2016
NJ: Dalmatians and the fire service.   Posted on 8/29/2016
NJ: Hamilton Township's T-13, 5th Generation Mascot with crew   Posted on 8/25/2016
NJ: Clint of Newark Ladder co 5   Posted on 8/15/2016
CA: Bakersfield, CA   Posted on 8/10/2016
TX: Austin, TX   Posted on 5/28/2016
CA: Search dog team recertified at top of class   Posted on 4/20/2016
NJ: Here is Sparky a one year old Dalmatian Posing on Engine 57-63   Posted on 2/2/2016
NJ: AVFD Recieves Pet Masks   Posted on 10/29/2015
NY: "Ember" the fire safety dog   Posted on 9/18/2015
FL: Kitten rescued from attic vent.   Posted on 8/6/2015
AL: Snowdoun   Posted on 8/6/2015
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