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Busy morning for Henrico Fire
By HENRICO FD, Correspondent
Henrico, VA – On August 17th at around 8:00 A.M., Henrico Fire Units responded to a passenger bus on fire located on Interstate-95 Southbound, near the Parham Road exit. The driver was the only person on the bus and was able to exit it safely. Fire crews arrived and were able to extinguish the fire. Additional fire equipment was requested to support the water supply needs. When responding to fire...Full Story

Dump truck vs Van in Chester
Crash injures two in Chesterfield
Kitchen fire in Henrico’s West-End
Townhouse fire in Henrico’s east-end results in one fatality
Lightning strike leads to west-end house fire
Fire Captain’s legacy to son’s memory is a thriller
Wild ride through ditch and a crash in Chesterfield
Family of five displaced in Henrico house fire
Fire discovered on first-floor of Henrico Townhouse
Dog Rescue in Hopewell
Suffolk and Newport News perform extensive extrication
Fire rages in Newport News
Chesterfield toned out for Haz Mat call
Richmond battles dangerous tire shop fire
Virginia State Police Search and Recovery team rescues rafters
Chesterfield house fire displaces seven
Chesterfield house fire displaces seven
Forest Fire Department hosts training session
Vehicle overturns in Chesterfield crash
Fire at Chesterfield high school summons crews
Chesterfield fire doused by sprinkler system
Mid-Day Henrico house fire displaces two
Henrico County Fire tackles simultaneous fires less than two miles apart
Neighbors discover apartment fire
Henrico Fire saves Shoneys Restaurant
Working smoke alarms alert family to overnight fire
Henrico Fire receives American Heart Association Gold Award
Quick work on house fire saves residence
House fire in Prospect
Overloaded extension cord causes house fire
Firefighters resuscitate dog found in apartment fire
House fire displaces six residents
Stabilization University comes to Virginia!


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